This section features materials to help you get to know the new polymer bank notes and learn how to verify their security features.

Expect the Check

What if a retail clerk refused to take your $20 bill, thinking that it was a counterfeit? You’d probably feel embarrassed.

But you shouldn’t be offended. That clerk actually did you - and all of us - a favour. Routinely checking the security features of all notes protects everyone. It allows businesses to intercept counterfeit notes and keep them out of the cash flow and out of your change.

Print Materials to Download and/or Order

Canada 150 Bank Note Design Fact Sheet

A summary of the design elements on the Canada 150 commemorative bank note.

Version with printer’s marks for commercial printers

Download only

Canada 150 Bank Note Security Features Fact Sheet

A summary of the security features on the Canada 150 commemorative bank note.

Version with printer’s marks for commercial printers

Download only

Canada 150 Bank Note Learning Activities

Activities suitable for children ages 7 and up to learn about the Canada 150 bank note. These can be used in the classroom or on your own.

Explore the design of the Canada 150 bank note with the Can you find me? activity

Build a chatterbox and quiz your friends

Commemorative $20 Note Fact Sheet

A summary of the security features in the commemorative $20 note.

Download only

  1. Polymer Series Leaflet

  2. Basic information on security features and tips for handling new polymer notes.
  3. Canadian Journey Series Leaflet

  4. Basic information on the security features in the Canadian Journey series of bank notes.
  5. Download only
  6. Polymer Series Fact Sheets

  7. A summary of key information about the new polymer bank notes rolled into one handy document.
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Articles on a variety of topics which tell the story of our Canadian bank notes.

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June 2012 - Don Your Red, White . . . and Green?

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July 2010 - Out with the Old, In with the New

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Survey Results

The Bank regularly surveys Canadian businesses and citizens to better understand how and why cash is used by assessing awareness, attitudes, and behaviours with respect to bank notes.

Survey results allow the Bank to monitor its progress, to identify potential issues or opportunities, and to adapt its programs, tools, and services as needed.

Polymer Series: Awareness Survey

This survey aims to measure Canadians’ awareness of the new series of polymer bank notes. Respondents were asked if they recalled hearing of any upcoming changes to Canadian bank notes, and if so, where they first heard of the polymer bank notes.

Bank Note Confidence Index

Examines Canadians’ attitudes towards bank notes and the use of cash. Four key questions quantify perceptions of bank note security and attitudes towards counterfeiting.