As announced in the Debt Management Strategy 2009-2010, the Department of Finance and the Bank of Canada are seeking the views of government securities distributors, institutional investors, and other interested parties on issues relating to the implementation of the Government of Canada domestic debt program for 2009/10.

Specifically, views are requested on the reintroduction of a 3-year bond maturity, the potential for additional benchmarks in the 2- and 5-year sectors, and the possible return to weekly treasury bill auctions.

An update to the Debt Management Strategy 2009-10 will be released on the Department of Finance website, in conjunction with the next Quarterly Bond Schedule.

Comments can also be emailed before 27 February 2009 to

For further information, please contact:

  • Marc Larson
    Assistant Director
    Funds Management and Banking Department
    Bank of Canada
    613 782-7836
  • Marie-Josée Lambert
    Chief, Debt Management Policy
    Financial Markets Division
    Department of Finance
    613 992-6116