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Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy, and Financial Stability

Special Guest Speaker

The LM Curve: A Not-So-Fond Farewell

Benjamin M. Friedman

Session 1: Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy

The Bank of Canada and the Inflation-Unemployment Trade-Off

Pierre Fortin

Discussion: Tiff Macklem

What I Learned at the Fed

Laurence H. Meyer

Discussion: David Longworth

Session 2: The Conduct of Monetary Policy

Optimal Policy with Low-Probability Extreme Events

Lars E.O. Svensson

Discussion: Pierre Duguay

Monetary Policy Without Money: Hamlet Without the Ghost

David Laidler

Discussion: Jack Selody

Special Guest Speakers

John W. Crow and Gordon G. Thiessen

Session 3: Monetary Policy Processes and Transparency

What Is the Monetary Policy Committee Attempting to Achieve?

Charles Goodhart

Discussion: John Murray

Central Bank Talk: Does It Matter and Why?

Donald L. Kohn and Brian P. Sack

Discussion: Paul Jenkins

Session 4: Financial Stability

Policy Remedies for Conflicts of Interest in the Financial System

Frederic S. Miskin

Discussion: Ron Parker

Are Changes in Financial Structure Extending Safety Nets?

William R. White

Discussion: Clyde Goodlet

Closing Remarks

Reflections on Three Decades at the Bank of Canada
Charles (Chuck) Freedman

The Participants

Bank topic index: Financial Institutions, Financial Markets, Financial Stability, Financial System Regulation and Policies, Inflation and Prices, Interest Rates, Labour Markets, Market Structure and Pricing, Monetary Aggregates, Monetary Policy Framework, Monetary Policy Implementation, Productivity, Transmission of Monetary Policy, Uncertainty and Monetary Policy

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