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Evaluating Factor Models: An Application to Forecasting Inflation in Canada

Staff Working Paper 2001-18 Marc-André Gosselin, Greg Tkacz
This paper evaluates the forecasting performance of factor models for Canadian inflation. This type of model was introduced and examined by Stock and Watson (1999a), who have shown that it is quite promising for forecasting U.S. inflation.
October 24, 2001

Bank of Canada Governor focuses on current and future economic challenges for Canada

As we all strive to come to terms with this tragedy and its implications, it is understandable that our immediate preoccupation is with near-term issues, he said. Nonetheless, it is "critically important that we maintain a sense of perspective - that we step back and look past current developments, focusing also on the longer-term trends in our economy and its potential."
Content Type(s): Press, Press releases
October 24, 2001

The Canadian Economy: Current and Future Challenges

Remarks David Dodge Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce and the Conseil économique du Nouveau-Brunswick Moncton, New Brunswick
All of us at the Bank of Canada share a deep sorrow at the loss of so many lives in the 11 September terrorist attacks in the United States. Among those who died were innocent citizens of many nationalities, including Canadians. To their families, friends, and colleagues we extend our heartfelt sympathy.
October 22, 2001

Terms and Conditions for the Expanded Bank of Canada Collateral List Effective 1 November 2001

In July 2001, the Bank announced its intention to expand the list of collateral eligible for use in the Large Value Transfer System (LVTS), for loans made to direct participants in LVTS and the Automated Clearing Settlement System (ACSS), and to secure bank note withdrawals. Effective 1 November 2001, the list of eligible collateral will be expanded and will comprise the following:
Content Type(s): Press, Market notices
October 4, 2001

Debt Management Operational Enhancements

A key federal debt strategy objective is maintaining a well-functioning market in Government of Canada securities. In keeping with the government's commitment to market consultations in domestic debt management issues, in August 2001 consultations were held with market participants on potential operational enhancements.
Content Type(s): Press, Market notices
October 4, 2001

Market Consultations, Summer 2002: Summary of Comments

Summary Overall, market participants have a positive view of the consultation process and the debt program initiatives that the government has undertaken in recent years, in particular supporting new bond issuance through buybacks. Market participants understand that a trade-off exists between supporting a large new issuance program through buybacks and maintaining adequate liquidity in large […]

Why Do Central Banks Smooth Interest Rates?

Staff Working Paper 2001-17 Gabriel Srour
It is commonly observed that central banks respond gradually to economic shocks, moving the interest rate in small discrete steps in the same direction over an extended period of time. This paper examines the empirical evidence regarding central banks' smoothing of interest rates, paying particular attention to the case of Canada.
Content Type(s): Staff research, Staff working papers Topic(s): Monetary policy implementation JEL Code(s): E, E5
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