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March 16, 2004

Adjusting to Global Economic Change

Remarks David Dodge An event hosted by the Center for Financial Stability and the Canadian Embassy Buenos Aires, Argentina
There is a great physical distance between our two countries - in terms of latitude, there are about 80 degrees of separation between Buenos Aires and Ottawa. But despite that distance, Canada and Argentina are closer, and have more in common, than you might think. We are both federations, with a certain natural tension between the national government and relatively powerful provinces.
March 10, 2004

Adjusting to Global Economic Change

Remarks David Dodge Brazil-Canada Chamber of Commerce São Paulo, Brazil
Today, I want to focus my remarks on Canada's adjustment to changes in the global economy. I will talk about our efforts to adjust to longer-term economic forces and about the challenges that these forces present. Some of our experiences may be relevant to other economies that are making similar adjustments in the face of similar economic circumstances.
February 17, 2004

Policies for Changing Times

Remarks David Dodge Mexican Business Coordinating Council Mexico City, Mexico
We both share borders with the United States, the most important export market for each of us. Both Canada and Mexico have recently faced setbacks in cross-border trade with the United States. These stem not only from weaker U.S. domestic demand, but also from specific trade problems and from border-crossing delays associated with tighter security.
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