Special Advisor

The Bank of Canada created the position of Special Advisor in 1998 to bring additional perspectives to monetary policy discussions and to give university and private sector professionals in economics and finance first-hand knowledge of the institution.

Special Advisors are appointed for a specified term. Below is a list of individuals who have been appointed since the position was created in 1998.

Year Special Advisor Professional Association at Time of Appointment
2014 Line Rivard  
2013 Lynn K. Patterson Bank of America Merrill Lynch Canada
2012 Evan W. Siddall Fort Reliance Co. / Irving Oil Ltd.
2012 David T. Beers Standard & Poor's
2011 Timothy Hodgson Goldman Sachs Canada
2010-11 Professor Prasanna Gai Australian National University
2009-10 Jean Boivin Chair in Monetary Policy and Financial Markets at the Institute of Applied Economics at HEC business school in Montréal
2008-09 Professor Angelo Melino University of Toronto
  Professor Frank Milne Queen's University
2007-08 Professor Paul Masson Rotman School of Management
2006-07 Professor Steve Ambler Université du Québec à Montréal
2005-06 Bruce Little Journalist (Retired from the Globe and Mail)
2004-05 Professor Christopher Ragan McGill University
2003-04 Professor John Helliwell University of British Columbia
2002-03 Andrew Spence Global Head, Currency Markets and Credit Markets Research, TD Securities
2001-02 Professor John Chant Simon Fraser University
2000-01 Professor Angela Redish University of British Columbia
1999-2000 Professor Daniel Racette École des Hautes Études Commerciales
1998-99 Professor David Laidler University of Western Ontario