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The Bank of Canada would like to invite paper submissions for this conference on Networks in Modern Financial and Payments Systems, held in-person in Ottawa on June 14 and 15, 2023.

About this conference

This conference aims at providing a forum to discuss the role of networks in the modern financial and payment systems and to evaluate the systemic changes that shaped the payments world. This includes:

  • greater awareness of technological innovations and interconnectedness
  • peer-to-peer finance
  • digital currencies

The intention is to further inspire research collaboration and working groups between the economic fields of banking, networks, and payments.

Keynote speaker

Rodney Garratt (Bank for International Settlements/University of California, Santa Barbara)

Scientific committee

  • Ana Babus (Washington University in St. Louis)
  • James Chapman (Bank of Canada)
  • Jonathan Chiu (Bank of Canada)
  • Ben Craig (Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland)
  • Michael Gofman (Hebrew University/University of Rochester)
  • Giulia Iori (City, University of London)
  • Charles Kahn (University of Illinois)
  • Sofia Priazhkina (Bank of Canada)

Bank of Canada organizers

Call for papers

The Bank of Canada would like to invite participation from central bankers, academic researchers, regulators and practitioners with interest and expertise in the following areas:

  • financial and economic networks
  • payments systems
  • digital currencies and fintech

Topics of interest

Authors are invited to submit theoretical, empirical, and experimental papers on the following topics:

Networks in traditional finance and payments

  • interconnectedness in wholesale and retail payment systems
  • interaction of credit and payments in financial networks
  • networks in interbank and over-the-counter markets
  • complexity, contagion, and systemic risk

Networks in new financial and payment systems

  • financial aspects of social networks
  • network and peer-to-peer lending
  • network in the crypto space
  • peer externalities in adoption of financial innovations (e.g., central bank digital currency)

Methodological advancement in financial networks research

  • new models and analytical tools
  • new computational methods (e.g., artificial intelligence, quantum, textual analysis)

Submission process

Submissions must consist of either a full paper (preferred) or an extended abstract in PDF format .

The submission deadline is March 17, 2023. Authors of accepted papers will be notified in early April 2023. The conference program will include a discussant for each paper.

Travel expenses

The Bank of Canada will partially or fully reimburse travel expenses for academic presenters and discussants.

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