Remarks by Tiff Macklem, Governor of the Bank of Canada, and by Lawrence Schembri, Deputy Governor

OTTAWA – On Monday, November 29, and Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the Bank of Canada will host the inaugural Symposium on Indigenous Economies, a joint conference of the Bank of Canada, the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. It is the first in a series of bi-annual events examining the unique economic issues facing Indigenous peoples. The Symposium seeks to build cultural awareness and foster inclusion, strengthen engagement with Indigenous communities and support economic and financial education for and about Indigenous people.


The following events are public and will be webcast:

  • Governor Tiff Macklem will give the opening remarks
  • Deputy Governor Lawrence Schembri will participate in a panel on Central Banks and Indigenous Economies with counterparts from the U.S., Australia and New Zealand

Governor Macklem will deliver his remarks on November 29 at 14:00 (Eastern Time).

The Deputy Governor’s panel will take place on November 29 at 17:05 (ET).


These events will take place by videoconference.


There will be no media lock-up for these events.


The text of the Governor’s remarks will be available on the Bank’s website at 14:00 (ET).

The slides from the Deputy Governor’s presentation will be available on the Bank’s website at 17:05 (ET).

Media Availability

There will be no media availability for these events.

Audience Q&A

There will be an audience Q&A following the Deputy Governor’s panel.


Audio and video webcasts of these events will be available.


For more information, please contact .

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