Financial Stability Presenters for 2014

Date Presenter Institution Paper Research Area
10/12/2014 Allen Berger University of South Carolina Did Saving Wall Street Really Save Main Street? The Real Effects of TARP on Local Economic Conditions central bank research, financial institutions
28/11/2014 Marzena Rostek University of Wisconsin-Madison Decentralized Exchange financial markets
20/11/2014 Pierre Chaigneau HEC Montreal Incentives for risk-taking: the complementarity of short-term compensation and monitoring recent economic and financial developments
04/11/2014 Itay Goldstein Wharton School University of Pennsylvania Do Asset Price Booms have Negative Real Effects? financial markets, financial institutions
24/10/2014 Jeremy Tobacman Wharton School University of Pennsylvania Do Payday Loans Cause Bankruptcy? financial markets, financial institutions
22/07/2014 Igor Livshitz University of Western Ontario Screening as a Unified Theory of Delinquency, Renegotiation, and Bankruptcy credit and credit aggregates
20/06/2014 Yaron Leitner Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Stress tests and information disclosure financial system regulation and policies
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