International Economic Analysis Presenters for 2014

Date Presenter Institution Paper Research Area
05/01/2014 M. Hashem Pesaran University of Southern California Tests of Policy Ineffectiveness in Macroeconometrics Econometric and statistical methods
05/08/2014 Xiaodong Zhu University of Toronto Trade Liberalization, Internal Migration and Regional Income Differences: Evidence from China International topics
05/27/2014 Silvia Goncalves University of Montreal Bootstrap Inference in Regressions with Estimated Factors and Serial Correlation Econometric and statistical methods
08/05/2014 Lutz Kilian University of Michigan Do Oil Price Increases cause Higher Food Prices? Econometric and statistical methods
09/04/2014 Francisco Ruge-Murcia University of Montreal Extreme Events and the Fed Econometric and statistical methods
10/01/2014 Zheng Liu Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Breaking the “Iron Rice Bowl” and Precautionary Savings: Evidence from Chinese State-Owned Enterprises Reform International topics
10/02/2014 Michael Owyang Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis TBD Econometric and statistical methods
10/07/2014 Vivian Yue Emory University and Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Export Dynamics in Large Devaluations International topics
10/16/2014 Kei-Mu Yi FRB Minneapolis TBD  
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