International Economic Analysis Presenters for 2013

Date Presenter Institution Paper Research Area
02/05/2013 Marco Del Negro FRB New York When Does a Central Bank's Balance Sheet Require Fiscal Support? Economic Models
03/05/2013 Øistein Røisland Norges Bank Robustifying Optimal Policy Using Simple Rules as Cross-Checks Economic Models
28/05/2013 Julia Thomas Ohio State University Credit Shocks and Aggregate Fluctuations in an Economy with Production Heterogeneity Business fluctuations and cycles
29/05/2013 Wie Xiong Princeton University Feedback Effects of Commodity Futures Prices International topics
04/06/2013 Marco Lombardi BIS Oil Price Density Forecasts: Exploring the Linkages with Stock Markets Econometric and statistical methods
16/07/2013 Ozer Karagedikli Reserve Bank of New Zealand International Spillovers of uncertainty shocks - Evidence from a FAVAR International topics
25/07/2013 Michel Robe American University The Financialization of Food International topics
11/09/2013 Adam Sieminksi Energy Information Administration Energy Information Administration Economic Forecast and Oil Boom International topics
20/09/2013 Ana Maria Herrera University of Kentucky Credit Reallocation and the Macroeconomy Econometric and statistical methods
23/09/2013 Ine Van Robays ECB Macroeconomic Uncertainty and the Impact of Oil Shocks International topics
26/09/2013 Michael King University of Western Ontario Weathering the Financial Crisis: Policy Decisions or Luck? International topics
10/10/2013 Silvia Miranda Agrippino London Business School Nowcasting China Real GDP Econometric and statistical methods
04/11/2013 Logan Wright Medley Global Advisors The Financial Headwinds to China's Economic Reform and Growth International topics
09/12/2013 James Hamilton University of California, San Diego Sign Restrictions, Structural Vector Autoregressions, and Useful Prior Information Econometric and statistical methods
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