International Economic Analysis Presenters for 2012

Date Presenter Institution Paper Research Area
27/03/2012 Bruce Preston Columbia University Long-Term Debt Pricing and Monetary Policy Transmission under Imperfect Knowledge Economic Models
11/04/2012 Serguei Maliar Hoover Institution at Stanford University A Cluster-Grid Algorithm-Solving Problems with High Dimensionality Economic models
16/04/2012 James Hamilton University of California, San Diego Risk Premia in Crude Oil Futures Prices Econometric and statistical methods
18/04/2012 Giorgio Primiceri Northwestern University Prior Selection for Vector Autoregressions Econometric and statistical methods
27/04/2012 Bahattin Buyuksahin International Energy Agency The Price of Oil-Fundamentals Vs. Speculation and Data Vs. Politics International topics
01/05/2012 Lutz Kilian University of Michigan Monetary Policy Responses to Oil Price Fluctuations Econometric and statistical methods
10/05/2012 Dave Arseneau Federal Reserve Board of Governors Threatening to Offshore in a Search Model of the Labor Market Economic Models
28/05/2012 Bob Aliber University of Chicago The Source of Financial Turbulence International topics
01/06/2012 Tara Sinclair George Washington University How Well Does 'Core' CPI Capture Permanent Price Changes Econometric and statistical methods
06/06/2012 Ajay Shah National Institue of Public Finance and Policy, India Improved Measurement of Exchange Market Pressure International topics
06/06/2012 Ila Patniak National Institue of Public Finance and Policy, India Did the Indian capital controls work as a tool of macroeconomic policy International topics
07/06/2012 Shang-Jin Wei Columbia Business School The road to real exchange rate depreciation International topics
27/07/2012 Susan S.C. Yang IMF Public Investment in Resource Abundant Low-Income Countries International topics
31/07/2012 Osmel Manzano Inter-American Development Bank From Dutch Disease to Spillover: Evolution of the Research on Resource Curse International topics
09/08/2012 Nora Traum North Carolina State University Time-varying oil price volatility and macroeconomic aggregates Economic Models
06/09/2012 Loren Brandt University of Toronto Factor Market Distortions International topics
07/09/2012 Christian Matthes University of Pompeu Fabra Optimal Disinflation Under Learning Economic Models
10/09/2012 Richard Harrison Bank of England The Bank of England's new forecasting platform Econometric and statistical methods
14/09/2012 Ryan Kellogg University of Michigan The Incidence of an Oil Glut-Who Benefits from Cheap Crude Oil in the Midwest International topics
21/09/2012 Anton Braun Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Some unpleasant properties of log-linearized solutions when the nominal rate is zero Economic Models
14/11/2012 Chris Varvares Macroeconomic Advisers US Economy-Trouble Gaining Traction International topics
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