International Economic Analysis Presenters for 2011

Date Presenter Institution Paper Research Area
18/01/2011 Michael Bordo Rutgers University The Global Financial Crisis of 2007-08: Is It Unprecendented? International topics
06/04/2011 Michael Owyang Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis An Endogenous Clustered Factor Approach to International Business Cycles Econometric and statistical methods
03/05/2011 Lutz Kilian University of Michigan Inference on Impulse Response Functions in Structural VAR Models Econometric and statistical methods
10/05/2011 Nora Traum North Carolina State University The Fiscal Multiplier Morass: A Bayesian Perspective Economic Models
11/05/2011 James Hamilton University of California, San Diego Testable Implications of Affine-Term-Structure Models Econometric and statistical methods
29/08/2011 Alessandro Barattieri UQAM Comparative Advantage, Service Trade and Global Imbalances International topics
22/09/2011 Julian di Giovanni IMF and Univ. of Toronto Firms, Destinations, and Aggregate Fluctuations Business fluctuations and cycles
11/10/2011 Eric Van Wincoop University of Virginia Self-fulfilling Risk Panics Economic Models
21/10/2011 Mathias Trabandt Sveriges Riksbank Involuntary Unemployment and the Business Cycle Economic Models
26/10/2011 Richard Clarida Columbia University Get Real: Interpreting Nominal Exchange Rate Fluctuations International topics
18/11/2011 Francesco Bianchi Duke University Monetary/Fiscal Policy Mix and Agents' beliefs Economic Models
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