This document provides key banking and money market statistics. Released every Friday at 14:00 (ET) except where otherwise noted.

As of 2 May 2016, the following tables will no longer be published in the Weekly Financial Statistics: Chartered Bank Assets, Chartered Bank Liabilities, Chartered Bank Foreign Currency Items, Selected Seasonally Adjusted Series: Chartered Bank Assets and Liabilities, Monetary Aggregates, Credit Measures, Net New Securities Issues Placed in Canada and Abroad, Corporate Short-Term Paper Outstanding.

The series displayed on these tables are of a monthly frequency. The Bank of Canada has determined that there is insufficient new information available on a weekly basis to provide revisions that consistently improve the quality of these statistics.

This information will continue to be available on CANSIM tables as follows: Table 176-0011, Table 176-0020, Table 176-0022, Table 176-0023, Table 176-0025, Table 176-0027, Table 176-0032, Table 176-0033, Table 176-0034, Table 176-0035 , Table 176-0037, Table 176-0038, Table 176-0039, Table 176-0040, Table 176-0069, Table 176-0071. This information will also continue to be available on the Banking and Financial Statistics Table C1, C2, C8, E1, E2, F2, F4. Users can also look to the Credit Conditions webpage for data regarding Credit Measures.