A Centre of Expertise

The Bank of Canada is the pre-eminent macroeconomic institution in Canada and undertakes in-depth economic research that is respected around the world.

Our four economic departments focus on areas such as international economics, macroeconomic analysis and forecasting, econometrics, financial system stability, monetary policy and the operation of financial markets.

Our economists devote the majority of their time to research and policy analysis that directly affect the lives of Canadians and the stability of our economy.

Research and Policy

Economic research is essential to the Bank's mission and as such, it plays a central role in all of the Bank's activities. Some of the current areas of research include inflation targeting, international transmission of economic shocks, macro-financial linkages, and operational efficiency in funds management activities.

As a Senior Analyst, you will typically hold a PhD, and you will be supported by research assistants and economists/analysts. You will also consult regularly with colleagues across the Bank to exchange ideas and challenge their work with leading colleagues in the field.

As a PhD at the Bank you can expect to focus the majority of your time on relevant, policy-related research.

Open Lines of Communication

The Bank of Canada nurtures an open exchange of ideas. No matter what position you hold, you will always have the opportunity to share, collaborate and interact with your colleagues. Economists, including recent arrivals at the Bank, often have the opportunity to present research findings and analysis to senior leadership. Rest assured, your work will get the consideration it merits and will ultimately influence the policy of the Bank.


The Bank encourages research publishing in high-quality peer-reviewed journals. Learn more about recent publications from Bank economists.

Ongoing Education

The work we do at the Bank aims to be at the very forefront of economic research and analysis. So it is paramount that our employees stay abreast of recent innovations in their field. Every month, the Bank holds roughly 20 seminars, briefings, speaker engagements and workshops for economics and other staff. You may also have the opportunity to attend conferences and workshops across Canada and abroad.

International Profile

The Bank of Canada is a highly respected participant in several international organizations. You may be called on to travel and meet with colleagues from other central Banks, and attend international conferences and seminars. Some of our economists participate in exchange programs with other central banks. Others participate in international working groups on key issues. The work you do here will have a real impact on the global economy.