If you are still studying or have recently graduated, this section is for you.

Recent Graduates in Economics/Finance

The Bank brings together outstanding teams who challenge and support each other in the delivery of economic research and monetary policy.

Bachelor's in Economics or Finance

As a graduate with a Bachelor's degree in economics or finance, you will have a central role providing technical, background, and basic analytic support for various economics research projects, projections, and current analysis. This is an excellent opportunity for exposure to a broad range of topics and knowledgeable experts.

Graduates with Bachelor's degrees are typically hired on a term basis and are strongly encouraged to return to school to pursue their education at the Master's level.

Master's in Economics or Finance

As a graduate with a Master's degree, you'll have a central role contributing to the formulation and/or implementation of Bank policy for financial systems, monetary policy, funds management and currency. You will track and forecast the financial system, and the Canadian and global economies. You will also develop models and tools to assist in analysis and interpretation, and you will be expected to play a role in developing other staff within the unit.

PhD in Economics or Finance

As a graduate with a PhD in economics or finance, you will devote the majority of your time to research on topics relevant to the mission and mandate of the Bank. You will also be expected to play a role in developing other staff within the unit.

Graduates from Other Fields

The Bank is always looking for qualified graduates from fields other than economics. Information technology, accounting, management, security, human resources, communication — career possibilities at the Bank are many and varied. Please check Career Opportunities for current openings.

Co-op Programs

The Bank regularly participates in Co-op programs with leading universities and colleges from across the country in a wide variety of disciplines. Work placements generally last from 4 to 8 months and are eligible for credit equivalencies. Please check with your university or college for complete details.

Summer/Student Employment

Every year the Bank recruits approximately 40 students in virtually every area of the Bank. All of these jobs provide challenging, relevant work experiences that are meaningful to the mission of the Bank. Many of our summer employees return the following year.