We asked a few of our team members to share a word or two about their positions, their work environments and how their roles are central to the Bank's work.

Thérèse Couture, Assistant Director, Financial Services

Thérèse Couture
Assistant Director
Financial Services

"I wanted a job and an environment that was fast-paced, that changes, that's dynamic. I certainly see that here at the Bank of Canada." More from Thérèse

Julie Champagne, Deputy Chief, Internal Audit

Julie Champagne
Deputy Chief
Internal Audit

"There's a great sharing of information and knowledge here. It's an open culture and that really made my integration a lot faster, easier and more enjoyable." More from Julie

Sophie Williams, Senior Security Analyst, Security & Facilities Services

Sophie Williams
Senior Security Analyst
Security & Facilities Services

"What I like most about my job is the intellectual stimulation. I always have to be at the top of my game, sharp and focused at all times." More from Sophie

LoAn Le-Nguyen, Project Manager, Information Technology Services

LoAn Le-Nguyen
Project Manager
Information Technology Services

"The Bank is committed to continuous education, personal development and mentoring. They supported the entire cost of my MBA education." More from LoAn

Arlene Isaacs, Operations Agent, Currency

Arlene Isaacs
Operations Agent

"The Bank is always looking to be the best - they listen to the people who do the jobs and get their input on how to do things better." More from Arlene

Andrew Kidd, Legal Counsel, Executive and Legal Services

Andrew Kidd
Legal Counsel
Executive and Legal Services

"I like the friendly atmosphere at the Bank, and the respect that they have for work-life balance." More from Andrew