A Capital Workplace

The Bank of Canada is the nation's pre-eminent macroeconomic institution. No other employer in the country offers you the unique opportunity to take a central role at the heart of Canada's economy. At the Bank of Canada, you will enjoy:

Challenging work, where your talent and experience are brought to bear on the issues of the day and your commitment is rewarded with many opportunities to build on your success.

Meaningful work in a principled environment where integrity is of paramount importance. The work you do at the Bank will contribute to the financial well-being of your country and make a difference in the lives of all Canadians.

An open culture that encourages cooperation and collaboration, a healthy exchange of ideas and frequent interaction with senior executives. At the Bank of Canada, your voice will be heard.

Personal growth and professional development, from mentoring to formal training, seminars, courses, workshops and more, the Bank is here to support you all the way. Find out more in Learning & Growing.

A superior work and living environment featuring a workplace of stunning architectural beauty in the heart of Canada's capital city, renowned for its quality of life. Find out more in Working & Living.

An international profile: as the Central Bank of a member country of the G7, G8 and G20 and a key partner with international financial institutions, the Bank of Canada has significant influence and enjoys a sterling reputation on the world's financial stage. Economists and other specialists from the Bank regularly participate in international meetings and conferences, and collaborate with their peers around the world.